Jamina’s levensverhaal

A lot of the words that I wrote at this time, but I’ll try to write your story in a few sentences, sincere and come from the heart. My name is Jasmina. I live in a small country in the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I have two years. For 20 years of my life I feel like I’m more experienced. I feel older. I have always felt and so. I pulled it from their peers. As a child, this separation was due to a lot of things for example. Because of worn clothing, old shoes, because I could not have better than the break in school for a meal that I spent hungry and watching other children to eat. it’s hard to talk about it and remind ourselves of those days, but on the other hand I am proud of that, proud of himself in those days. Yes that’s right! As you may have guessed from the previous word, I, Jasmine child was growing up in poverty. It was material poverty, but not spiritually.

I’ll call this period of your life survival day by day, and me and my family. My mother, who is ciavi his life struggling and fighting for me and my brother. Which gave us and gave much as she could. The strongest woman in the world, the bravest. The person who is my pride. My brother, who is a person with Down syndrome and my father who was a chronic alcoholic and that he did not care for the family. People he did not care for anything else except for alcohol and entertainment. People who had been head of the family and the father only on paper. Throughout his childhood watching the suffering and the tears of his mother, when he sent us every time hungry to sleep under some pretext, because she did not know how to justify the fact that we have nothing to eat. I fantasized about one day to blot out every tear from her face. To make her the happiest woman in the world. To her brother and give all the happiness of this world, because they do like any human being deserves. I just wanted them to put a smile on your face. Then with my seven years, the mother signed me up for the first grade. Although then she did not know whether it will be able to fulfill all the obligations that this brings, but she believed in God and that every child in this world has its own happiness and even ja.od first day of primary school I was an excellent student, always commended by professors. I was always happy and smiling, full of life and hope that everything will one day pass. Peers have I often joked about worn clothing, old shoes and no meal breaks. I told myself it would pass, that their banter and joke with my fate, because one day I will be better than all of them put together. I will be a successful woman, strong, who will do anything to her family any better and all children in the world who are like her in those days. A woman who will fight for the rights of poor people and that will help them no matter what.

Suddenly all my fantasies come to an end. Upon completion of the fourth grade, my mother tells that I will not be able to continue their further education, because it no longer has the money to pay all the costs. When I had lost all hope appeared to be my light at the end of the tunnel. This light has a name. Rasim LEMEZOVIC, a man who works in the foundation “People work for people,” Tuzla. He heard the story of my family in the local “Center for Social Work” and decided to help us. My family and I helped in every possible way, and most of all it was important for me to continue my education because, as he used to say: “it was a shame that smart and intelligent girl like me lose the right to education”. This lasted until the end of my primary education. When I was supposed to enter high school, Mr. Rasim decided to seek help from their friends, because they increase the cost of my education o is not alone could point out, because next to me in that program any more children. In his call for help, he responded to without a second thought, an admirable man, another guardian angel. He chose me specifically. Willem Pronk, gentleman from Stichting Proplan’s. The day when I met this wonderful man. During the conversation that we had, waiting for that will help me to enroll in nursing school just as I wanted, and that all my needs as an example.

Money for food, clothing, travel ticket fulfilled. It’ll all get it, but on one condition. Provided that you do not change and continue to fight for themselves. To be an excellent student as well as to Now, above all decent and moral girl. To choose a time that is good for me, not that bad. To take the path of success and I walk it with his head and with a smile on his face, because to me he then said I do not have to be ashamed of. Already I can be proud of its past. I promised him that will be the case and that I will try to have the best results. And so it was. Willem is the foundation each year send the money to me through Rasim, and I every year was getting better and better. Every year I visited, and I would greet him with a diploma in hand in which they were the best grades and with a smile on his face. All four years I tried again and again to justify his trust and that he and Rasim be proud of me. I tried to at least thus reciprocate the help and trust that we pointed out, because it’s the only thing i wanted. And I succeeded in that. I finished nursing school as an excellent student. I graduated with the highest grade and praise. As a reward for all that I got a job with the aid effort again by their guardian angel. The job I have chosen mostly because it is something beautiful, and it met all my fantasies. I work as a paramedic in a humanitarian organization “International Solidarity Forum Emmaus” in BH to be helping poor people and all the people who need help. I work in the city as part of the organization that helps the elderly, abandoned by their families and with children without parental care. I work with people Koima need my help and it fills me up. This is what I wanted and what I’ve dreamed all my life. In addition to all that, and earn money, that I give to my mother. Now finally it, my brother and my father, who has finally changed and not doing more things that worked in the past, can not fulfill some of his desires and that they have everything they ever wanted, and they could not afford it.

Without any shame talking about being a child who comes from a poor family and about his childhood and growing up. We are proud to mention the names of his guardian angel, Rasim and Willem who have proven that you can help others if you have little money and the desire to help someone, and if you want to help unconditionally, without asking for something in return, other than the fact that I continue to help. Willwm told me that I need every person like myself to say and to tell their story and encourage her. Trying to help, as he helped me then. Still in my head spinning words that told me then: “God has a purpose for your pain, the reason for your struggle and reward for your loyalty. Do not give up! “And I will never give up my friends, no matter what was achieved, I shall strive to make it even more. That every day I’m getting better. I want to finish college and make further improvements in the business. I became independent entity, which is now able to help others. I’ll try to do that every day a new and more good work, because a wonderful feeling when you help someone, and even more beautiful when you feel that you can help someone. You must learn to give, not because you have a lot, but because you know that you do not have anything.

- - "Jamina's levensverhaal"